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Sunday Lunch (Homemade & Traditional)

Piping Hot Soup from the Galley! (V)

Ask for today's flavour ? Always served with our crusty toasted bread & cheese & chutney melt soldiers on the side.


Crispy Breaded Buttons (V)

A real favourite – Button mushrooms coated in crumb, deep fried until golden & served over leaves with your choice of dip - Mayo, Garlic Mayo, BBQ or Sweet Chilli.


Sticky Chicken Goujons

Hand battered and cooked fresh, our prime chicken breast strips are deep fried until crisp, tumbled in sweet chilli sauce and served over leaves with more sweet chilli sauce & toasted sesame seeds.


Garlic Bread (V)

A generous helping of bread, smothered with garlic & herb butter & baked.


Cheesy Garlic Bread (V)

A generous helping of bread, smothered with garlic & herb butter, scattered with chopped tomato, chives & mature Cheddar cheese, bubbled & browned in the oven & finished with balsamic glaze.


Crisp Hot Chicken Wings

Crisp hot chicken wings, smothered in your choice of sauce; Choose from sweet chilli, hot sauce, BBQ or smokey BBQ & served over fresh leaves with fresh soured cream.


Ticketmasters Sharer

Chicken wings, golden button mushrooms, cheesy garlic bread & hand battered chicken goujons, served with a little salad, onion rings & delicious dips


Fish & Chips

Haddock fillet, hand battered & fried until crisp, served over chips with your choice of mushies or garden peas, chunky tartare sauce & fresh lemon shard.


Bangers & Mash

Plump pork sausages, seared & served over mashed potato with mushy peas & finished with lashings of rich onion gravy and garnished with strands of fried leeks.


Chicken Tikka Masala

Prime chicken breast pieces, cooked in a medium spiced sauce with tomatoes & finished with cream, served with boiled rice, naan bread & mango chutney.


Broccoli Cream Cheese Bake (V)

Florets of broccoli, bound in a rich cheesy cream sauce, baked with a sliced potato topping & more cheese until browned & served with fries & fresh salad.


1/2lb of Scampi & Chips

A generous portion of breaded scampi, deep fried until golden, served with chips & your choice of peas, chunky tartare sauce & fresh lemon shard


8oz Rump Steak

Seasoned & grilled to your liking. Served with chips, onion rings, peas & a grilled half tomato.


8oz Gammon Steak

Grilled to your liking and topped with a fried egg & served with chips, onion rings, peas & a grilled half tomato


All our burgers are served between toasted brioche bun with burger sauce, mayonnaise, tomato fresh leaves, caramelised onions and a side of fries

The Classic Burger

A tasty 6oz British beefburger, seasoned & grilled.


Chicken Burger

Prime fresh chicken fillet, seasoned & grilled.


Nacho Burger (V)

Kidney beans, mixed vegetable & cheese, bound in a spicy tortilla crumb & deep fried until crisp.



Choose from the following extra toppings: Cheese 99p (V) / Peppercorn Sauce £1.25 (V) / Bacon 99p / Mushroom & Brandy Sauce £1.25 (V) / Fried Egg 99p / Onion Rings 99p (V)

Beef Lasagne

Minced beef cooked in a rich Bolognese sauce, layered between pasta & topped with cheese sauce & baked, served with garlic bread & fresh salad.


The Station Chicken 'Parmo'

It's here!!!Fresh prime chicken breast, wrapped in breadcrumbs and deep fried, topped with creamy béchamel sauce & baked with cheese to finish, served with fries & fresh salad.


The Station 'Hotshot’ Chicken Parmo

Fresh prime chicken breast, wrapped in breadcrumbs and deep fried, topped with creamy béchamel sauce & baked with cheese, finished with peppers, jalapenos & pepperoni.


Stoker's Cottage Pie

Ground beef, cooked in a rich gravy with carrots, onions & peas, topped with creamy peaked mashed potato & baked, served with peas or baked beans & extra gravy.


Garlic Bread (V)


Cheesy Garlic Bread (V)


Onion Rings (V)


Cheesy Chips (V)


Chips with Gravy


Chips (V)


All our puddings where applicable, are served with custard, cream or ice-cream. Simply choose your fancy and enjoy!

Chocolate Indulgence Sundae

Vanilla & chocolate ice-creams layered with chocolate sauce & maltesers, finished with more chocolate sauce & maltesers, crowned with cream & wafer.



Served with wafer & sauce.


Jam Sponge (V)

Rich sweet suet sponge with lashings of raspberry jam.


Sticky Toffee Pudding (V)

Toffee flavoured sponge, toffee sauce & toffee pieces.


All our meals where applicable are served with your choice of peas or baked beans

Mini Fish & Chips

Hand battered haddock, served over chips with ketchup


Cheese & Tomato Pizza

Just very simple, tomato & cheese topped pizza served with a side of baked beans


Sausage & Mash

Two pork sausages, served over mashed potato with gravy


Hand Battered Chicken Goujons

Fresh chicken breast goujons, hand battered and fried until crisp & served over chips with ketchup


Available from 12pm to 3pm

Single Course £7.95 / 2 Courses £10.50

Our traditional Sunday lunch is offered with three choices of freshly roasted meat, fresh vegetables, homemade Yorkshire puddings and delicious gravy.

A vegetarian choice will be available.

Enjoy a main course or, why not treat yourself & have a second course of your choice from the selected range of starters or a puddings.